Logs by Lynn was founded in 2000 to serve clients by creating boring logs from their subsurface exploration data.  We use gINT Professional, the premier Subsurface Data Management and Reporting Software.  Lynn Yantz earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a cognate in Industrial Engineering from GMI Engineering & Management Institute (now Kettering University).


We save you time and money! Eye-Catching presentation ready reports are created from your raw Environmental, Geologic, and Geotechnical exploration data.

Logs by Lynn will create a report in adobe pdf format for the following:

  • Soil Boring Logs
  • Soil Boring Logs with Well Construction details
  • Boring Abandonment forms
  • Well Construction and Development forms
  • Graphs, Tables, etc.

Logs by Lynn has an extensive library of agency report templates, government report templates, company templates, and more.  Please let us know what you require and we will take care of it for you.


  • We offer reasonable prices so that senior professionals can focus on their specialty.

  • 16 year record of satisfied customers.

  • Lynn was awarded gINT Level One Certification by Salvatore Caronna, creator of gINT.